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Contact The Geeks

The absolute best and fastest way to communicate with us is by email. You can do that here: [copy/paste] or use the mail link at the bottom of most pages (under the "Follow us" heading on the left). You can also reply to any email that we have sent to you. We respond to most email within hours, and prioritize customer response over all others.

Our phone number is: 1-888-487-4335. PLEASE NOTE: You can call us there if you must, but we never directly answer, so you'll need to leave a message and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

We're not trying to be jerks here, but it's much easier for us to screen spam email than it is to screen spam calls - which we get a ton of, like most people.

There are some solutions for filtering spam calls and texts, unfortunately they're very restrictive by nature and don't work well. Email spam filters are much more robust and accurate, allowing us to focus on you, instead of unnecessary calls from others (political, sales, scams, etc.).

Of course we hope that you never have to contact us, because that means that we did everything right the first time, but rest assured that we take you very seriously and if you need anything at all, we're going to take care of it no matter what!

- The Geeks